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I ran Spongebob.exe and the program loaded and it was set into 'C:\Users\jbennett\Desktop\SPBob' so I changed it back it would still load but just when I clicked 'Start' it wouldn't launch.

It will always launch the program as 'SPBob' but then when I click 'Exit' if I click the "OK" I get "C:\Users\jbennett\Desktop\SPBob" I've got to close the program window. Now after about 5 mins of playing with the application its working again. Thank you very much

But the question is should I do this. I think I did do the right things when I tried to use Spongebob.

It started to show up as SpongeBob. But when I clicked "Start" it wouldn't launch. It starts asking me to add my phone number. It asked me to create a new account. And when I entered it in the confirmation page it asked why the account wasn't already in the computer. So I don't know if it's only doing that because there is no "Create" button yet.

I thought I had deleted it as the account I was trying to create is not there on my computer. I also don't find any "Create" button for it because, well, since its -------------------------------ERROR - Message not found


spongebob.zip 19 MB


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Did a video on this, wasn't too sure about it. Timestamp: 12:28

Pls Mak where dedit map mod version pslada

Loved Every Second Of It